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Swedish Kladdkaka

Literally “messy cake”, this fudgy goey chocolate cake is an absolute classic of the Swedish baking tradition, and by far the most baked recipe in my house. It’s quick, incredibly easy, and super delicious, so there is really no reason not to love it. So good that this recipe is spreading in my home town too since my mum shared it with her friends.

The classic way to bake it is in a round shape, then serve it still warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a click of whipped cream on the side. I have though started baking it even "brownie style" in a rectangular tin, and it works great to then cut it in squares and bring along as a picnic treat as it remains soft and chewy even when it's at room temperature. Honestly, no brownie recipe I've tried has beaten this..

Tricks and tips for the perfect kladdkaka:

  • Don't overmix the ingredients! Most cake recipes start by telling you to whip the eggs and sugar until white and fluffy, but this one is the complete opposite. You want to make sure you incorporate as little air as possible to the mix, or you'll loose the fudgyness and end up with a flat chocolate cake. I use a whisk because I think it goes quicker that way, but I am very careful not to blend more than the minimum required to get the ingredients together.

  • Use medium-size eggs. The balance in this recipe is based on that size, so that's what gives the perfect result.

  • Baking time is the key. What we want to get to is that middle cooking point where the batter is not liquid anymore, but not dried out to a classic cake either. All ovens are different, so it's impossible to write a time that works for everyone, but in this case I've found a trick that always work for me. The thing is that when the cake starts to dry cracks appear on the surface. In my oven, that happens about 18-20 minutes into the baking process. That's when I turn off the oven and let the cake stand in it for another 10 minutes, and the final result is perfect every time.

  • If you want a thicker kladdkaka to cut in squares (brownie style) it's just to multiply the ingredients. I often use a rectangular tin that is 18x28 cm, and for that I use 1,5 times the original recipe (feel free to go down in sugar if you want, it works fine anyways). The cooking time is then closer to 25 minutes for the cracks to appear, then it's oven off for 10 minutes as usual.

  • Turn this recipe to glutenfree, lactosfree or milkfree by simply switching the ingredients to the allergen-free option, no need to change any measurement.



2 eggs

250 gr sugar (2,5 dl)

60 gr flour (1 dl)*

30gr cocoa powder (3 tbsp)

5 gr (1 tsp) vanilla sugar (skip it if you can’t find it)

100 gr melted butter**

*switch to any gluten-free flour for a gluten-free cake **switch to lactose-free or milk-free options if you need to

Preheat the oven to 180 °C and prepare a cake tin (mine is 22 cm) by lining it with parchment paper. Melt the butter.

In a medium bowl stir sugar and egg until just incorporated. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir to a lump-free batter. Work with it as little as you can throughout the whole process to avoid incorporating air in it (so forget about your electric mixer).

Pour the batter in the cake and bake for ca 20 min, then turn off the oven and let it stay in for another 10 min.

Serve warm with whipped cream or (my favorite) vanilla ice cream.

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